Oportunidades Empresariales y Residencia con Habitat Group

Habitat Group: Business and Residency Opportunities

Habitat Group developments, such as Smart Brickell, enable foreign investors to access permanent residency in the United States by aligning with the EB-5 program.


Through this visa program, people from around the world can obtain a Green Card for themselves and their immediate family members through a substantial investment that promotes employment and economic development in the land of opportunity.


This program represents a unique opportunity not only in terms of investment but also for establishing oneself in the United States and developing your business. Let’s look at the opportunities available for entrepreneurs as permanent residents in the country.


Expand Your Business


If you’re an entrepreneur in your home country and want to make a mark internationally, the United States is the place to do it.


Holding a Green Card, foreign entrepreneurs have greater ease of movement across any state in the country compared to other visas. This allows them to choose the area or region that best suits their business needs.


The United States, one of the largest global economies, offers the perfect environment for entrepreneurs looking to internationalize their businesses.


Moreover, having a Green Card allows entrepreneurs to more easily integrate into the U.S. business network, participate in industry associations, and access exclusive networking events.


This is invaluable if you’re looking to expand your global presence and access new market opportunities.


Diversify Your Activities


As an entrepreneur with a Green Card, you are not restricted to operating only within the confines of a specific work visa, which is often tied to a particular sector or type of business.


This allows you to explore opportunities across multiple industries, from emerging technologies to healthcare, education, manufacturing, and more.


Furthermore, by diversifying your investments and operations, you reduce the business risks associated with market fluctuations in a single sector.


Introduce Your Franchise


If you’re interested in introducing your franchise to the U.S. market and expanding your brand, holding a Green Card offers more advantages compared to other visa categories.


Unlike temporary visas, such as the L-1 visa for intra-company transfers, or the E-2 investor visa which requires periodic renewals and can be subject to changes in immigration policies, the Green Card allows entrepreneurs to plan and develop their businesses without the worry of renewing their legal status.


Additionally, as a franchisor with a Green Card, you have unrestricted access to the U.S. labor market, allowing you to hire local staff for your business expansion.


Unlike work visas, which require an employer to justify hiring a foreigner over an American worker, the Green Card eliminates this hurdle and facilitates the hiring process.


Access Regulated Industries


Regulated industries in the United States, such as defense, aviation, energy, and telecommunications, are sectors of high economic value and strategic importance.


Access to these industries is strictly regulated, but by holding a Green Card, you can enter this market without restrictions, eliminating legal barriers when applying for licenses and permits to operate legally in these fields.


This investment and business development opportunity is significant, considering that regulated industries in the U.S. are at the forefront of innovation and technological development.


Having a Green Card allows you as an entrepreneur to fully participate in these advancements, access cutting-edge technologies, and collaborate on research and development projects.


This translates into increased competitiveness for your company, positioning it as an innovation leader in regulated industries.


Choose Habitat Group


By considering the business opportunities in the United States and obtaining a Green Card, Habitat Group is your ideal strategic ally. By investing in their projects aligned with the EB-5 program, you’ll not only gain access to the Green Card but also be able to establish your brand, franchise, or business in the United States.



Contact Habitat Group now and maximize your chances of success in the American market, allowing you to expand and scale your business efficiently and profitably.

Exclusive investment opportunities, act now.

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