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Comienzan las obras de Smart Brickell en Miami

March 29, 2019 – 5:03 PM  – By  CÉSAR MENÉNDEZ

Santiago Vanegas, president of Habitat Group, sees the modern building as a milestone for his company engaged in five other projects west of Brickell. The first of the three mixed-use towers is fully sold.


Santiago Vanegas, president of Habitat Group, presided over the construction commencement ceremony for the first tower of the Smart Brickell building complex that will be built over the next 24 months at 229 SW and 9th Street in Miami.

When taking the floor, Vanegas thanked the entire team that has participated in the creation and planning of the project of more than 100 million dollars of investment, consisting of three mixed-use towers, with two and three-bedroom smart apartments.
The young businessman commented that 100% of the first tower has been sold. Where 50 units will be located in the upper part and 50 hotel rooms in the first levels.

“The construction project has been fulfilling its license and listing cycles. We have defined the construction prices. We have been signing with contractors and subcontractors. And finally we got the foundation permit. Now we are at the moment of starting construction, ”he explained exclusively to DIARIO LAS AMERICAS.

Smart Brickell is marketed by Cervera Real Estate and is being sold fully furnished.

For its part, the interior design and the furniture of the units were designed by Arquitectónica, an icon of modern design, which has created comfortable and harmonious spaces within the property.

The mixed-use complex will have 170 residences and 150 hotel rooms.

The apartments sell for between $ 290,000 and $ 490,000, and their sizes range from 558 to 878 square feet.

“I think it has been very well received by the market, since it meets the needs requested by investors and the current owners of the units. Furthermore, it achieves the harmony of three key elements: flexible use, design and technology ”.

The apartments will be equipped with smart systems that will control energy efficiency, allow air conditioners to be controlled remotely, turn lights on and off, and raise and lower blinds. Each unit will be provided with an Alexa personal assistant.

This is a project considered anti-cycle, as it will be the only building to be completed in the area throughout 2021. Almost a year after the construction boom that shook Brickell. For this reason “the  brokers , who know the market well, have trusted the building,” said Vanegas.

“For us, Smart Brickell marks a milestone. We have seven other executions in a row to this one. Six in this same area and another in areas of the Miami River ”. The latter is a 34-unit rental building “known as East River Living that we will deliver in 10 months,” he concluded.

Smart Brickell, la inteligencia se confabula con el diseño en Miami


Smart Brickell, intelligence collides with design in Miami

Santiago Vanegas, CEO of Habitat Development Group, reveals the secrets of his new urban project in the vibrant Miami area of ​​West Brickell

The details of the new Habitat Development project in West Brickell are already known, it is a mixed-use building with three towers of 50, 60 and 70 floors, which will make up a complex of 150 homes at the base of which a modern hotel will be located.

The design of Brickell Smart is the work of the architect Hernando Carrillo, who left the interior design and furniture design in the hands of Arquitectónica, while the idea of ​​the facade comes from the Gensler firm, an internationally renowned English company.

Santiago Vanegas, president of Habitat Group, spoke with DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS about his experience, expectations and peculiarities of its new construction.
Brickell Smart, as the name suggests, will be a smart building with a budget of $ 100 million that will be located at 229 SW 9th Street in Miami, in the area known as West Brickell. Its creators bet on the intelligent concept associated with the design, technology and use of the units.

“The market needs more and more smaller units,” explains Vanegas. That’s why we designed one and two-bedroom apartments, 600 and 800 square feet respectively, about 150 feet smaller than the average sizes of Miami condos, ”argued the Colombian businessman.
Minimalism is a trend that gains strength in current designs. It seeks to reduce the spaces to make them more efficient and achieve more affordable sale and rental prices.
For this reason, the houses in the three towers are sold fully equipped, with furniture designed and manufactured by Arquitectónica, which, with its unmistakable stamp, creates comfortable and harmonious spaces within each property.

From a technological point of view, Brickell Smart is ahead of similar buildings on the market today. The apartments will be equipped with an intelligent home automation system that will control the energy efficiency of the units and will allow the air conditioners to be controlled remotely and by voice command, turn the lights on and off, raise and lower the window blinds to regulate the entrance of light.
In this technological party, Alexa could not miss, each unit will be provided with an Amazon assistant, who will help its owner with the controls of the house, the music and his agenda.

In general in Miami, one of the big drawbacks when buying an apartment in a condominium is the regulations of the neighborhood associations. Many of them do not allow the rental of the properties or limit them to one or two occasions a year. At Brickell Smart it will be different. “These apartments, thanks to the flexibility and alternatives, will have an intelligent use. Those who buy it can choose to live or rent them in different variants. Thanks to the new legal regulations, we have achieved that they can be rented up to 24 times a year, in short or long-term rentals. It is the owners who will decide how they want to use their property. When they have them unoccupied, they can easily choose to register them on the Airbnb platform and thus obtain an additional return ”, he argued.
Habitat Hotel, the division of the Group dedicated to hotel operation, will be in charge of managing the hotel that will occupy the first floors of the building with the name Smart Brickell Hotel.

“We have created a program called“ lease back ”, within which Habitat Hotel would rent for two years at a preferential price the units of the owners who so wish. We will pay $ 2,200 for one-bedroom units and $ 2,700 for two-bedroom units, regardless of their occupancy or not. “

The amenities
The building, which will provide one parking space per unit, will have spectacular common areas. On the eighth floor of the first tower there will be two swimming pools, landscaped terraces in recreational areas and a large 3,500-square-foot spa. In the second tower, on the 24th floor, there will be a large events room and a modern gym. In the third, there will be a colossal restaurant, a lounge bar and a beautiful shared space office with 3,200 square feet.
On the ground floor, at the curb level, there will be a coffee shop, a nursery, a real estate office and an organic restaurant. In the lobby and on the amenity terrace you can reach WIFI signal.
Prices and target market
When speaking about sales, the graduate in Economics from the Colombian University of Rosario clarified: “We have an exclusive sales and marketing contract with Cervera Real Estate, the number one company in this type of market.”

The one-bedroom units will have a starting price of $ 300,000. Prices for the two-bedroom apartments will range from $ 390,000 to $ 450,000.
Interested buyers must pay 10% when reserving, 10% when reserving the contract, 10% at the beginning of the work, 10% when the 17th floor is reached, and 10% when reaching the top. The rest will be paid at closing, with the delivery of the keys to the unit.
The young builder avoided being politically correct by stating that “the target market for a construction in Brickell for many years is foreign investors. Pre-construction purchases are assets for investors from all over the world and especially from Latin America, especially those who aspire to have a solid investment haven ”.
But our indirect target is the tenant who is going to pay the rent to that investor. And that’s the young Brickell executive, the millennial who wants to pay a rent of $ 2,000 a month in a vibrant area of ​​the city and longs to live in a home that has all the home automation technology of the moment built in. We also address anyone with a millennial spirit who wants to live in a modern environment.

Unquestionably, in a project of this magnitude there are many challenges and purposes. There are many people who make up the team and for each one the completion of this work will have different meanings. It won’t be the same reading for architects, builders, designers, marketing people, or realtors.
“We have been working in the area for 15 years, we have been here since the last real estate crisis. 10 years ago we did the Habitat Residence. We have watched West Brickell develop with complicity and admiration. That is why we feel a mixture of satisfaction and pride in being able to deliver a construction model that the area is needing ”, he explained.
“I really don’t think this is the greatest of our challenges, nor do I think it’s the most futuristic, but I’m sure it marks a milestone, it constitutes the transition from a standard type of construction to smart projects,” he added.

“And on the other hand, it is a building that is ahead of a market cycle. It is known that there will be no new products in Brickell in 2020 and 2021. The last work of the current construction phase ends with the magnificent Flatiron building, which will be delivered next year. That places us at the head of the next construction cycle in this area, which will begin with the deliveries of our products in 2020 and 2021 to the privilege of our firm ”, he concluded.

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