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5 Fat Busters For 5 Body Types


If you are tired of long and extra large tops or fed up of your bulky thighs, then say adios to all as Dr. OZ have formulated the solution for every one. Got a gimmick smile?

Yeah this is the reaction which we expect. He is amazing doctor really, he gave the world entirely different view by bringing up his discovery of diet approach. Dr. OZ’s formulation is too good as it aids the person in targeting the trouble spots and reshaping the whole body just in the matter of 5 days.

To cut the story short, the genius gave us the concept of number one supplement which plays crucial role in burning excess of body fat.

As you will go deep inside of the concept analyzing the facts, you will uncover some amazing truths like if somebody is getting affected with pot belly or padding around back and thighs or experiences extra flab on the upper body part then you can suggest this solution to him as he or she can 100 percent get rid of these issues in 5 days.

This new revolution is scientifically proven and clinically tested one. Let’s now discuss how and what strategy does this package has got that we all are promised to see the positive results. All it says is replacing any one of your meal in order to activate your body’s fat burning mechanism and hence to reduce the extra fat.

Dr. OZ has given five replacement meals each deals in different body type. Here is few points in the same regard:

5 Body Types

1. Big Bottom: Maximum of the women population have got this issue. But the good thing about it is they do not have risk of facing diabetes or cardinal disease. However, you bottom is the primary target of fat and carbohydrates, they get settle there very fast and it is really difficult to cut down the fat from body bottom easily.

To get rid of it you are suggested to consume more of carbs and proteins and very low fat.

You can go with 2 cups of clover tea, pasta primavera with chicken and firms seats.

2. Bog Belly: More than 50% of population is suffering from this issue and let us tell you that this is highly risky as it drives you toward diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart diseases.

People who want to drain out their belly bloat then can try alternatives like busting CLA breakfast or phenq . They are also called belly blasting muffins, this helps in turning off the cells to store fat around the stomach. Egg and cheese muffins also does great job.

3. Big on top: Big on top includes area like chest, arms and back. Such body type face the problem of fat storage at their upper portion and it is dangerous for your heart.

L carnitine tex mex salad is the best fat buster for such body type people. In addition L cartinine and 1 orange also plays crucial role in busting the fat.

4. Big thighs : Trying to get rid of thigh fat is really disappointing as they are not that metabolically active. Thus, it will be good if you take low fat and high protein meals, testogen reviews sportzfuel. Protein drink and liquid lunch will bring amazing result.

5. Big all over: If you want to loose your over all body weight then try out raspberry ketone supplements. They helps in burning fat and targets each of the body area wherever fat is stored.

Enjoy the high life in these new towers that offer hotel rooms and condos




Also in Miami, developer Habitat Group recently started demolition of two apartment buildings near the downtown to make way for three interconnected towers of homes and hotel rooms. Known as the Smart Brickell project, it is designed to have 150 hotel rooms and 170 condos, said Santiago Vanegas, founder, CEO and president of Habitat Group.

More amenities are usually offered at a hotel than in a standard condo, so combining the two gives residents the best of both worlds, Vanegas said.

“You could call the front desk to the hotel for room service from the coffee shop or the bar,” Vanegas said of the condo residents.

Vanegas said some buyers might be hesitant to buy in a condo or apartment building with a hotel component because they feel they can lose privacy to tourists who share the amenities. He said that concern is usually abated with private elevators, and security systems to ensure that the condos remain sealed off to hotel guests.

“They love it,” he said of the condo residents. “That’s the market. It’s an alternative.”His condos will start in the $300,000s.


The Smartest Tower in Brickell


After the successful sellout of Tower 1 and demolition underway, South-Florida based developer Habitat Groupannounces the launch of sales for Smart Brickell Tower 2, with sales led by Cervera Real Estate in Miami. Upon completion, Smart Brickell will feature three towers integrating smart use, smart design and smart technology.

After a successful sellout of Tower 1, the launch of Tower 2 adds more than 30,000 square feet of new inventory to the bustling West Brickell area with prices ranging from $300,000 to $600,000. Tower 2 is slated for groundbreaking in Q4 2019 and will be located in Brickell at 239 SW 9th Street.

“Smart Brickell is setting the tone for the kind of developments Miami needs. Buyers are looking for flexibility and ease of use from their properties and Smart Brickell offers just that. We are seeing that the rental restrictions in most condos are limiting for a lot buyers that want to have more options. After successfully selling out Tower 1, Smart Brickell is proof that Miami has demand for this kind of project,” said Alicia Cervera Lamadrid of Cervera Real Estate. “The development has been well received by buyers in both local and international markets.”

Sitting on the 1.23-acre development area, Tower 2 is a 25-story tower that will consist of 50 hotel rooms and 50 condos with one and two bedroom floor plans from 558 to 1,117 square feet. The building will follow the same design and amenities as Tower 1 and optimize space and size with fully finished and custom furnished units by renowned interior design firm Arquitectonica.

Unit owners will be able to rent out their condos up to 24 times a year using popular home sharing applications and programs such as Airbnb or participate in an optional two-year, fixed annual leaseback program that ensures two years rent at a fixed rate.

Smart Brickell gives residents and guests the opportunity to experience integrated technology and amenities specifically designed to spark interaction and efficiency, acting as a gateway to Smart Living in the City. The condo residences will be equipped with Smart Wi-Fi enabled features to compliment the look and feel of futuristic living. These Smart Tech features will include Nest, home and personal assistant Alexa by Amazon, Bosch appliances, Lifx lighting features, a mobile concierge, electric parking spaces and more.

The building itself will also adhere to LEED certified regulations, the most widely used green building rating system in the world. The certification process ensures healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings. Highlights of the project include a stunning amenity deck with a landscaped recreational area and expansive terrace, two resort-style pools with a lap are and sun deck, a sky fitness center, an organic café on the ground level, a spa and fully equipped fitness center, a rooftop lounge bar and a fully equipped business center. Designed by well-known architect Hernando Carrillo with concept and branding by world-renowned firm, Gensler, Smart Brickell is slated for completion in 2022. 

“It is very exciting to see the momentum this second sales launch is bringing to the project,” said Santiago Vanegas, founder, CEO and president of Habitat Group. “Smart Brickell will be the only development of its kind in the area. Local and international buyers are recognizing how this type of project will enhance their lifestyles.”

In addition to Smart Brickell, Habitat Group has several Miami projects in the pipeline. The developer will soon launch Millux, a project with two hotels and 57 hotel rooms and is also finalizing details on a mixed-use hotel and residential project with 12,000 square feet of retail space. Both projects will be located between two and three blocks from Smart Brickell. The developer is also soon to launch a multi-family building which will be delivered in the first quarter of 2020 in East Little Havana.

This week in Miami Real Estate


Habitat Group is launching sales of the second tower at Smart Brickell, a condo, hotel and rental complex. The three-building project sold out the first tower, split between 50 hotel rooms and 50 condos. The developers plan to break ground on the next 25-story building in March 2019. Sales from the condo closed out around $19 million for the first tower and the estimated second, also split 50/50 like the first, is $19.5 million. Prices for units range from $300,000 to $600,000. Developer Santiago Vanegas said about 70 percent of buyers are investors and 30 percent are end users. Amenities will include a terrace, resort-style pools, a fitness center, a ground-floor café, a rooftop lounge bar and business center. Architects Hernando Carillo and Gensler are designing the project and Arquitectonica is designing fully finished units. Inside, apartments will feature smart home features, Bosch appliances and more.

Smart Brickell Tower 2 Launches in Miami


Several months since our last update, and progress at the future site of Habitat Group‘s three-tower Smart Brickell development in Miami has reached a major milestone, as Tower 2 enters into sales. With demolition crews still hard at work prepping the site, and Tower 1 already sold out, the well-situated, mixed-use development in the heart of the city is proving a hot spot for buyers.

The 25-storey Tower 2 will be comprised of 50 hotel rooms and 50 residential suites, the latter to range in size from 558-1,117 square feet, with a mix of one- and two-bedroom units. Representative of 30,000 square feet of new condo inventory, Tower 2 will be a sizeable addition to Miami’s bustling West Brickell neighbourhood.

Located at 239 SW 9th Street, adjacent to the I-95, and just a couple of blocks west of Brickell Village, Brickell Station, and the many shops, restaurants, and bars that populate the area, Smart Brickell will place residents and hotel guests within easy walking distance to all the city has to offer. Close as well to the Atlantic Ocean and Downtown Miami, Smart Brickell will be a top destination for those looking for a quick commute and a healthy, urban lifestyle.

With “Smart” in the name, it is little wonder that the development will be equipped with a great deal of technological innovation, including Nest, Alexa, and Bosch- and Lifx-branded in-suite tech. All three towers will share a full range of amenities, including a fitness centre, two pools, and an outdoor terrace. Set for completion by 2022, Smart Brickell will be a fine addition to the neighbourhood.

SkyriseCities will be sure to return to this project as progress continues. For more information, check out the associated Database file and Forum thread, and as always, feel free to join the conversation in the comments section below.

Habitat Group launches second phase of Brickell condo project


Habitat Group is launching sales of the second tower at Smart Brickell, a condo-hotel complex with flexible short-term rental options.

The three-building project sold out the first tower, with 50 hotel rooms and 50 condos, and is planning on breaking ground on the 25-story building in March, developer Santiago Vanegas said. The condo sellout is about $19 million for the first tower and the estimated sellout for the second building, also with 50 hotel rooms and 50 condo units, is $19.5 million.

Smart Brickell is priced lower than most new developments in the neighborhood, with units ranging in price from $300,000 to $600,000. Vanegas said about 70 percent of the buyers in the first building are investors and 30 percent are end users.

The project offers owners the ability to rent their units out 24 times a year, or about twice a month. “We are seeing that the rental restrictions in most condos are limiting for a lot buyers that want to have more options,” Alicia Cervera Lamadrid of Cervera Real Estate said in a release. Cervera is handling sales of the condos, which range from 558 square feet to 1,117 square feet.

Buyers can also participate in a two-year, fixed annual leaseback program. Other developments are also beginning to offer looser rental restrictions, like YotelPad in downtown Miami.

Habitat Group expects to break ground on the second building later next year, between six and nine months of beginning construction on the first tower. The 1.23-acre project will also include a third building, similar to the first two.

Smart Brickell will feature an amenity deck with a terrace, resort-style pools, a fitness center, cafe on the ground floor, rooftop lounge bar and business center. Architect Hernando Carrillo and Gensler are designing the project, and Arquitectonica is designing the fully finished units. The apartments will include smart home features, Bosch appliances and more.

Miami Multifamily Catering To Every Interest Under South Florida Sun


Tech-savvy Miamians will have a home at Smart Brickell when the Habitat Development property welcomes first occupants in 2020. Billed as a “smart integration of technology, modern design and unique usage” and encompassing three towers, the property at 175 SW 7th Street in the West Brickell neighborhood will offer fully-furnished residences that owners will be urged to rent using integrated technology and apps like Airbnb. Units will feature Nest and Echo smart home devices, and the development’s concierge app will enable residents to use smart phones to request services from their domiciles.

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